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Let the Locals know you’re local! When you sign up (for free!) with Go Local, we list your business on our website and app and provide social media exposure so our members discover you when they explore Austin. We also provide a "Locally Owned" window sticker to help your business to draw member spending, and free Go Local memberships for all your employees.

100% FREE to JOIN

Joining Go Local is 100% free for local business owners. All we ask is that you give an exclusive deal or discount to Go Local members; we recommend 10% off all items, or a bonus item with standard orders. Whatever discount you choose to offer should work for your business and provide value to our members. That way, Go Local members are rewarded for their conscious effort to become your new favorite customers by shopping locally.

Help Keep Austin Local.

Our mission is to champion locally owned businesses and reward the people who support them. Partnering with Go Local will help us keep the vibrant culture that is Austin. Join and help us spread the movement.



In addition to the free exposure, we also pay you for every Go Local member you help recruit to the movement. Your welcome package will include customized point of sale signs with a unique referral code. For anyone who signs up with your link or discount code, we pay you 1/2 the annual membership fee. Thats $10 for every new member you help recruit.

History of GO LOCAL

Go Local is a family-owned and operated local Austin business that has been serving the Austin community since 2008. We have a rich history of helping great Austin brands such as Alamo Drafthouse, Juice Land, Torchy's Tacos, and Jo's Coffee blossom into Texas staples. Founder Bob Tuschak was a devoted community organizer and city planner who was passionate about preserving Austin’s vibrant local community. Bob’s daughters, Jaya and Gabrielle continued to operate Go Local until 2019, when newly married husband and wife team Brian and Margarette Maxwell stepped in to take Go Local into the 2020's and beyond. 

In the past few months our hardworking team including Chris Cohoat and Gabriel Escobar have helped launch the Go Local Austin app, a major re-brand, and a renewed vision for what Go Local can do for Austin and the "Go Local Movement" around the country.


Together, we hope to honor the work that Bob and the Tuschak family started by continuing to advance the Go Local mission. We look forward to helping keep this great city we call home local and thriving.

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