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Are you a Nonprofit, school, or other organization looking to raise funds? Did you know you can purchase customized Go Local cards with your logo for $8/ea and resell them for $15? The Go Local Fundraising Card is a fun and easy way to make money all the while supporting the community that backs your organization. With your customized Go Local Card, each person who buys from you will be advertising your cause around the city, so your fundraising campaign keeps working for you even after the sale. But don’t panic if you’re in a rush! We can deliver non-customized cards to your organization in as little as 24 hours! Contact us today to start raising money for your cause!

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Why fundraise with the Go Local card?

Customer Loyalty Cards

Austinites use their cards at 500+ locally owned businesses to save money every time they show their card at checkout!

Educational Opportunity

Teach youth the sustainable economic importance of keeping money in the local community!

No Bulky Inventory

Fulfillment logistics are hassle-free! No sign-up sheets, no sorting through products & no extra delivery steps!

Low Risk

Low minimum orders on cards that are easy to sell!

Fundraising with a Higher Purpose

Add value to your local community, shift consumer consciousness & raise money for your cause all at the same time!

Card Customization

Brand Go Local cards with your organization’s name & logo. Cardholders will be reminded of you throughout the year every time they use their card!

Quick Turnaround

Start raising money next week!

Double Your Money

Organizations have raised thousands by selling Go Local Cards!

The word on the street

“We successfully sold 500 cards during our drive. Our customers have been thrilled with their savings with the Go Local program”

R. Yohe

LBJ/LASA High School

“I bought my current Go Local card from LASA High School PTA and it has paid for itself many times over. This is my second year to use a Go Local card. It will be nice to have a second card on hand that I can loan out to the hubby or kids. Many thanks!”


“Go Local represents an investment by our community in the services and products that our local businesses offer.”

John Vidaurri

“Our Go Local fundraiser was a big success. We enjoyed supporting our local restaurants and businesses, while earning money for our campus programs.”

Pete Price

Principal, O'Henry Middle School

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